How To Recognize Flea Symptoms On Your Pets

Witnessing your pet suffer from a flea infestation is one of the most dreadful encounters a pet owner can have. If you have a pet, you will face such challenges at any point in your life. Fleas are annoyance parasites that can cause havoc in the home while still sucking the life out of the pets. Pest Control Experts in East Brisbane do not want your precious pets to suffer in this way, and we want to help you cope with the problem by assisting you in spotting possible flea signals quickly. Prevention is the key to keeping your pet happy and safe, as well as everyone else in your household.

Abnormal Patches On The Skin

Did you know that the saliva from flea bites can cause allergies in certain dogs and cats? These allergic reactions don’t have to be exclusive to the bitten body portion. Therefore, sensitivity to flea bites can result in rashes or wounds anywhere on the body.

Your Pet May Suffer Hair Loss

Hair loss, medically known as alopecia, can affect your pets for a variety of reasons; for example, it can be a response to flea bites. Due to the frequent biting/licking of the flea bite portion on their skin, dogs and cats will uproot any of their hairs. If the trend and severity of alopecia remain, you must do a thorough examination and devise a recovery strategy.

Check If Your Pet Has Pale Gums

If your pet’s gums are pale, it may mean he or she has a serious flea infestation. Anemia causes pale gums as a normal symptom. This is when your pet’s ability to form new red blood cells is inadequate to combat the blood loss caused by the fleas eating it out.

Notice Unusual Biting or licking

As per pest control East Brisbane, Fleas are opportunistic arthropods that use your pet’s blood as a food supply. When a flea catches your pet, it will automatically build a nest in hard-to-reach areas such as the head, abdomen, tail, armpits, or groin. If your pet is continually chewing, licking, or itching at these locations, it may be a sign of pesky parasites like fleas.

Investigate For Flea Dirt

Have you ever seen tiny blackish-brown specks on the body of your loved pet or in your home? Flea dirt, which is actually flea feces, is collected from digested blood. Therefore, by merely wearing white socks and wandering around places your pet frequently visits, you can quickly find flea dirt in the home. As a result, this way the flea dirt will be taken up by your sock’s fibers and will easily show up. 

Understand The Correlation Of Home Maintenance And Pest Control

Do you know how dependable and fast pest prevention services and management work? You can easily fetch the needed information from the Pest Control in East Brisbane experts on the web. It is because the internet has reduced the communication gap between us and the whole world. Moreover, you must also understand the relationship between pest control and home maintenance to live peacefully and hygienically. 

Our today’s post is dedicated to information or awareness about pest control alongside home maintenance. Therefore, you can peruse the upcoming sections carefully to implement the needed changes for a better living. 


Home Maintenance Includes Pest Control!

 Pest control is essential since it is a part of home maintenance. For example, when you change the filter oil of your automobile, it works fine and does not demand replacement or repairs. The same is analyzed in the correlation between home maintenance and pest prevention. Besides, you can refer to the below points to learn more:

  • Early Detection, Early Maintenance: The pest control experts always suggest you exclude pests and remove their food sources. It will eventually prevent pest infestation issues in the coming years. 
  • Balance: Home maintenance is not about cleaning, mopping, and sweeping. Hence, you have to ensure the preventive and home maintenance go hand in hand. 
  • Better Prevention: Install high-tech pest control devices to deter pests from creating sanitation issues. 
  • Appearance: Pest infestations make your home look dull and unattractive. Besides, those also induce physical damages. 
  • Cleanliness: Protect your utility lines and fill the unsealed holes. It will prove the theoretical correlation between home maintenance and pest control. 


Start With Your Multi-Fold Maintenance!

Many homeowners think home maintenance and pest prevention are two different domains. However, you now know the correlation between them. Hence, stay informed, smart, and safe because having correct information always leads you one step ahead.

Moreover, when it comes to taking timely pest control and maintenance service, nothing can be better than hiring professionals like Pest Control East Brisbane. We ensure your home is free from pest attack and the problem of pest invasion does not appear in the near future.