Possum Removal East Brisbane

We assist you in the right manner when it comes to Possum Removal East Brisbane services

Pest Control East Brisbane helps you to provide the complete removal of Possums from your premises. Our experts are well-trained and conduct a thorough inspection of your area, identify the gaps from where they invade your property and make sure that the gaps are properly sealed so as to prevent them from re-entering again. Thus, if you need to remove a possum from your property here in East Brisbane, feel free to call us on 07 2000 4194.

Possums are illegal to kill in Australia so we only remove and relocate them to their habitable place mostly 50m away from the side of capture. With modern tools and ethical methods, our Possum Removal East Brisbane professionals provide fast and immediate eco-friendly services. So, give us a call and book your slot with us for an effective Possum Removal treatment.

Some Tips to prevent Possum Infestation  

You need to understand the following Do’s and Don’ts to prevent Possums from entering your homes. Our Possum Removal East Brisbane experts recommend our customers to consider the same because if they enter your property they may live around until they are dead. Once dead, possums can affect your healthy surroundings, if not removed on time. Below are some preventive tips:


  • Seal up the gaps from where you feel possums can enter your property.
  • Use chemical repellent in your garden.
  • Trap possums by using bait or cage.
  • Hang wooden nest boxes on trees to provide possums with an alternative home.
  • Put fences to keep possums away from your garden.


  • Open up the lids of garbage cans.
  • Kill the trapped possums as it is illegal.
  • Put the captured possums in direct sunlight, wind, rain, domestic pets or in any other danger.
  • Keep your children in direct contact with possums.

Have a look at how our Possum Removalists in East Brisbane are doing an outstanding job!

  • Customer Safety: Possum Removal East Brisbane specialists are hired after multiple background checks and training. The safety of our clients is always our foremost priority.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: All services which we offer are easy in your pockets. So, enjoy more savings by availing of our Possum removal treatment.
  • Eco-Friendly Treatment: We use approved and green products for all our services. Moreover, our products are pets and kids friendly too.
  • 24*7 Accessibility: Possum Removal East Brisbane team is available day and night for our clients. You can contact us anytime and book an appointment with us. 
  • Multiple Payment Options: We offer our customers the facility of various payment modes. You can make the payment in cash or through a card at your convenience.

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We are always ready for you here in East Brisbane to provide you with the best and most effective Possum removal treatment. We strongly urge our clients to have possum removal done by a professional to avoid legal issues. So, why stress just give us a call right away on 07 2000 4194.